September 29, 2009

My First Post...What to say...

First of all, Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Jessica & I am a wife and mother who loves blogging! I started blogging when I fell in love with the Twilight saga! I have a blog, My Twilife that I run as well. I wanted to start another blog to house my "creative" side...okay, and for somewhere to blog when the Twilight Saga (sadly) comes to an end. :( (OMG I don't even want to think about that...)

So, Tattered Vintage was born! I am still working on it, obviously, and throwing around ideas of what I want this blog to be...

I know one thing for sure, I will post "Things I Love" frequently, and a link to those things can be found on the side bar (see: picture of the Vintage Bugs, which I obviously LOVE!)

No matter what I decide to do with this blog, you can be sure it will include my love for vintage, books, decor, coffee and whatever else pops up!

Hope to keep you reading!


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